Pneumatic Tube Stations

Aerocom pneumatic tube systems are both efficient and aesthetically designed, ensuring that the stations complement their surroundings. Each station can be paired with a variety of matching accessories. While stations are typically wall-mounted, stands are also available.

The AC3000 and AC4000 models feature twin RFID antennas as standard. All stations are available in various sizes to accommodate the chosen tube diameter.

pneumatic tube systems

End Stations

End type stations are installed at the end of a diverter branch and can only be tube connected from above, here are some of the most popular models:

Universal Stations

Universal stations can be tubed from above or below; they can also be placed in series and allow through traffic. This is especially cost effective in multi-story buildings.

Specialised Stations

Specialised Accessories

All station models come with a wide range of accessories, including off-the-shelf cabinets and tube shrouding for security and a clean, organized appearance. We also offer bespoke cabinets tailored for special applications. Door security options include key locks, digital locks, or swipe card access.