Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems

Our hospital pod systems help save valuable resources across the NHS in the UK. These pneumatic tube systems provide a cost-effective solution for hospitals by automating the delivery of samples, documents, and pharmaceuticals. This system connects wards and departments directly to the hospital’s laboratory and pharmacy, eliminating the need for staff or couriers to handle these deliveries.

Aerocom excels in providing and maintaining reliable, efficient hospital internal logistics technology, with 90% of our operations focused on this area. The significant return on investment from our chute transport systems is key to the success of our installations in hundreds of hospitals.

Sample handling is the most common medical application of pneumatic tube systems, often referred to as “the pod” or “chute” by medical staff. These systems ensure efficient sample transport, sending specimens promptly from wards or clinics to the laboratory through expertly designed tube networks managed by user-friendly computerized automation.

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The AC3000 system is the leading choice for pneumatic tube systems in hospitals across 85 countries worldwide, featuring dedicated hardware and software designed to meet international standards and regulations. For sample handling, we account for the specific traffic flow to and from laboratories, offering lab-dedicated equipment to ease throughput during peak periods and reduce manual handling.

Additionally, we provide point-to-point systems, which are basic devices for sending samples directly from point A to point B. These uncomplicated systems use carrier pods and come in a wide range of sizes and technologies to suit various needs. Our extensive selection ensures that we can supply the right system for any hospital’s requirements.

Larger diameter tube systems enable the pharmacy to send packaged goods directly to wards, clinics, or dispensaries. With RFID tracking and various additional safety options, pharmaceuticals can be transported efficiently, with full traceability and secure delivery, logged via the receiver’s staff swipe card. We also offer integration of pneumatic tube delivery with pharmacy robots through our unique Pharmapost system.

For larger collections or deliveries, such as stock supplies in large boxes, laundry bags, or meal trolleys, we provide a range of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). These high-tech robots can eliminate numerous repetitive collection and delivery tasks. They can be programmed to activate on schedules or commands and are capable of lifting and loading a variety of goods or equipment.

Whether for a modern new-build hospital or a site with a mix of old and new buildings, we have successfully designed and installed pneumatic tube transport systems. Aerocom also specializes in replacing defective or lifecycle-expired systems installed by other suppliers, cost-effectively recycling existing reusable infrastructure.