John Hughes
John HughesCEO Ireland
My name is John Hughes and Welcome to Aerocom Ireland’s website. Advanced Pneumatic Technology Ltd is the holding company of Aerocom Ireland and “Safe-linK”, Aerocom (UK) Ltd is also my group company.

Founded by John Hughes in 2000, Aerocom Ltd was established as a sole agency of the International supplier, Aerocom GmbH & Co.  This was an astute business decision based both on John’s success with Aerocom Ireland, and the positive results when initially introducing the aerocom brand name of pneumatic tube systems into the British market. Through investment in people and infrastructure, a national head office was set up in Nottingham to develop and sustain the growing number of British customers, and their post-installation service requirements.

Pneumatic Tube Systems (or Air Tube Systems) are in continuous use in Ireland since the middle 1800’s but their contribution to business has never been more apparent than now, the 21st Century. In our fast, digital “just in time” world, moving and handling items automatically and efficiently has never been more important.

Every business day our Pneumatic Tube Systems replace 1,000’s of kilometres of walking journeys to deliver samples, paperwork, materials, specimens, drugs, etc. The list is as inexhaustible as the journeys avoided!

Our mission is to present to all businesses the opportunity of replacing walking time with a Pneumatic Tube Transport System. We focus on creating and delivering innovative solutions to an age-old problem, of how to move items from A to B in the most cost-effective, reliable and safest way possible.

Our technologies and solutions add significant value, competitive advantage and increased profits to businesses big and small.
From life-saving medical specimens in hospitals to small components on manufacturing sites or cash from the till to avoid temptation or robberies.