Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose what size pneumatic tube system is required?2024-05-27T11:48:22+01:00

First decide what you want to fit inside a transportation carrier (pod).

What is the maximum weight can you send?2024-05-27T11:48:37+01:00

The larger the system diameter, the more weight you can send. Systems up to Ø110mm are best kept to under 2kg, the Ø160mm systems 5kg. With high powered compression blower’s weights of up to 30kg can be transported in larger diameter carriers.

How big a package can you send in a tube system?2024-05-27T11:49:18+01:00

You can send just about any small package in a pneumatic tube system from shoelaces to shoe boxes.

Are pneumatic tubes always plastic?2024-05-27T11:49:31+01:00

Not necessarily, specialised pneumatic tube is available in various metals including stainless steel. The plastic tube is, however, the most cost-effective.

Can you track the carriers?2024-05-27T11:55:22+01:00

With the computer-controlled systems there is RFID traceability, statistical tracking, and real-time graphics that display the carrier’s journey on the control computer. This is the traceability required to comply with ISO 15189

What speed do the pneumatic tube system carriers travel at?2024-05-27T11:55:36+01:00

This depends on the tubes size and air supply blower output; velocity will be designed around the system application and can be from 2 – 12 meters per second.

What pressure do aerocom pneumatic tube systems operate at?2024-05-27T11:55:48+01:00

Aerocom Pneumatic tube systems generally operate at very low pressure, around +/-250m millibars.

How do you clean a pneumatic tube system?2024-05-27T11:56:02+01:00

We supply cleaning carriers for internal tube, we also offer a tube cleaning service.

How long will the tube system last?2024-05-27T11:56:14+01:00

The lifecycle of a system is between 10-15 years depending on usage.

How often do the carriers need to be replaced?2024-05-27T11:56:27+01:00

Dependant on usage we recommend the carriers be replaced every 5 years, we can also refurbish carriers with only light wear and tear.

Can you send liquids in the carriers?2024-05-27T11:56:38+01:00

We have completely leakproof carriers for spill prevention so bottled liquids are possible to transport.

Are there any special security features for pharmaceutical transportation?2024-05-27T11:56:50+01:00

AC3000 or 4000 systems have several security features as standard, which can be activated or enhanced. Secure delivery for pharmaceuticals can be integrated with release using staff card activation or pin codes. We also supply lockable receiving cabinets.

Do Aerocom systems comply with HTM 2009 and SHTM 08-04?2024-05-27T11:57:03+01:00

Aerocom pneumatic tube systems fully comply with both HTM 2009 and SHTM 08-04 Health Technical Memorandums advised for Specialist services: Pneumatic tube transport systems in Hospitals. And also, all international standards with hospital applications in over 80 countries.

What are the additional benefits of a Planned Preventative Maintainece contract?2024-05-27T11:57:17+01:00

A PPM gives the customer not only a regularly serviced system but will also extend the lifecycle and reduce reactive visits if consumable parts fail. The cost of parts and reactive visits are also discounted with PPM, and the reaction times will be prioritised if anything goes wrong.