Fire Suppression System

Maus Stixx Advanced Pro

The Maus Stixx Advanced Pro fire suppression system is an essential to any enclosed area where electrical fires may start. Our automatic fire suppression system will extinguish a fire with potassium based smoke that is non toxic and environmentally friendly.

About the Maus Stixx Advanced Pro

The unique features of the Maus Stixx Advanced Pro make it an ideal solution for larger enclosures such as electrical cupboards, fuse boxes, server rooms, and switchgear. Its lower activation temperature and the complete flooding of the extinguishing agent upon activation enhance its effectiveness.

The extinguishing agent is triggered when the heat-detecting cable is exposed to a flame or when the unit reaches a temperature between 170°C and 180°C. Upon activation, the agent rapidly floods the protected space to suppress the fire.

Why Use Maus Stixx Advanced Pro As Your Fire Suppression System

The Maus Stixx Advanced Profeatures heat detection cables on both sides, enabling quicker detection and activation. This results in a more effective extinguishing agent compared to conventional powder, with an efficiency per unit weight that is 3-10 times higher.

The extinguishing agent is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, patented potassium mix that disrupts the chemical reactions in a fire, extinguishing it instantly. The green circles in the MAUS Stixx Pro diagram indicate the heat-detecting cable ports, while the other ports are designed for releasing the extinguishing agent. Additionally, the MAUS Stixx Pro is maintenance-free.

Benefits Of The Maus Stixx Advanced Pro

The Maus Stixx Advanced Pro offers numerous benefits, including a 5-year product lifespan and a discharge time of under 5 seconds. Its compact and lightweight design allows for an easy 5-second installation, which can potentially save lives and prevent millions of pounds in damages.

  • No Cables
  • No Wiring
  • No Pressure
  • No Electricity
  • No Maintenance
  • 100% flooding when activated.
  • Low-temperature activation.
  • 5-second installation.
  • Extremely small.
  • Leaves no extinguishing residues (will not harm anything).
Fire Stixx Advanced Pro