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The Aerocom Ireland mission is to present to all businesses the opportunity of replacing walking time with a Pneumatic Tube Transport System. We focus on creating and delivering innovative solutions to an age-old problem, of how to move items from A to B in the most cost-effective, reliable and safest way possible.
Advanced Pneumatic Technology Ltd trades as Aerocom Ireland.

Products and Services

Complete Support Solution



Diagnose & Fix

When things stop moving, we focus on fixing things fast.

From component failure or a user error to other local events, we have support personnel strategically based across Ireland to provide a national breakdown service. Most locations are within 2 hrs radius of an expert, experienced Aerocom technician.



Planned & Preventative

We fix things before they break to keep your business moving.

Pre-planned maintenance reduces the incidents of system failures and enhances the performance of all electro-mechanical solutions and systems. Like any machine, the more often it is used, the more regularly it requires a serviceso we offer a wide range of service packages to suit each customer’s individual needs.



Configured & Secured

We have dedicated team of experienced technicians by web access.

At least 80% of reported errors are resolved with assistance from our dedicated team of experienced technicians by web access. Remote monitoring alerts us to system events and our web access support ability diagnoses errors fast, allowing us to modify and update the system and assist engineering staff with advice on reactive solutions.

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Customer Support

Need To Know More?

Our experienced Technical Team can help find the perfect Product or Service for you. Our technical advisers are available during office hours to answer any questions concerning general PPM enquiries or system operations.

From the first day an Aerocom system is installed, we provide comprehensive operation and maintenance documentation, technical manuals, and staff training as part of the package.  Refresher training and advanced courses are available by appointment.