Clean Room Pneumatic Tube Systems


Delivering samples and other small items by foot to a clean room can not only be time consuming and repetitive, but also poses the risk of contamination.

The repetitive task of getting samples in and out of clean rooms can be streamlined with one of our clean room pneumatic tube systems. Whether from clean room to clean room, or from external areas to the clean room, Aerocom have the solutions.

Enclosed Plant Air Tube Systems For Clean Rooms

Carriers are delivered on gravity from the unique mechanism of the Titan or Giga station installed in the cleanroom. Plant air is contained within the pneumatic tube system at all times and expelled outside the cleanroom.

The positive pressure of the cleanroom prevents any residual plant air leakage when the carrier is delivered on gravity or loaded into the clean room station.

Plant Air System
Clean Room

Clean Room Pneumatic Tube Stations

Other variations are available including mixtures of pneumatic tube stations both in and outside of the clean rooms.

For cleanroom applications, the most popular system is the computer-controlled AC3000, with tube diameters of either 110 or 160mm.

Carriers are available in a variety of designs and colours, including completely leakproof models.

What justifies the choice of tube size and carriers is simply the size of the package which needs to be transported.

Enclosed Clean Air Tube Systems For Clean Rooms

The unique rotating design of the Titan Station is ideal for cleanroom application as the tube is continued through the mechanism therefore air is contained.

In the resting position, the connecting tube (blue) allows carriers to pass through the station contained on either pressure or suction.

In the braking position, the holding tube (green) holds the carrier inside the cup end on suction only and revolves the barrel to the despatch position.

Despatch from either the holding tube on delivery or the insertion funnel when sending is air-free, using only gravity to drop the carrier into the tube.

Enclosed Clean

Alternatively, we can design a fully enclosed clean air system with a Titan or Giga station installed in the cleanroom, and the blower tubed to take in clean air only. Clean air is always contained within the pneumatic tube system and expelled outside the cleanroom.