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Founded in 1952, Aerocom has grown to become a leader in pneumatic tube system technology worldwide with more than 50,000 systems installed in 65 countries.

Welcome to Aerocom by Advanced Pneumatic Technology.

Aerocom unique technology, our experience and expertise allow us to provide an unrivalled service in meeting the customers’ requirements. From a simple point to point system in a small shop, factory or warehouse to a multi zone system with unlimited, multi functional send and receive stations in a vast campus or complex, Aerocom has an Air Tube System for you.

"We don’t just design the system, we make it work to meet the customer’s needs!"

Aerocom offer a complete range of system choices and station designs and has the experience, innovation and technical capacity to design pneumatic air tube systems for customised applications. Examples of where Pneumatic Cash Tube Systems can be used:

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